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Unit Emblem

Unsumitted Insignia, "Official" unofficial Insignia

As indicated in the official squadron lineage, the squadron never had an official emblem.

There is some evidence that someone asked the Walt Disney Studios to design a squadron emblem, and the result was a fire breathing green dragon on a stylized sun orb, holding a camera, with a Japanese flag in the lower foreground. It was very complicated and not easily reproduced for such use as aircraft markings and jacket patches. In any event, it apparently never was submitted for approval or presented to the squadron.

Several of the squadron members had ideas for what they would like the squadron emblem to be, but no one came up with a suggestion that pleased all. Lt. Bill Tucker, working in the operations office, took several of the many suggestions and produced a rough sketch of an emblem. The Indian embroidery and leather merchants then produced what would become the squadron emblem, used on at least one aircraft and on flying jackets and elsewhere. No written description has been found, so it must be assumed that on a sky blue background, a caricature of a tiger (for India or Bengal) rides a lightning bolt (for the F-4/F-5 Lightning aircraft) carrying a camera (for the photo mission). Three bursts of antiaircraft fire speak for the Japanese opposition. The emblem apparently never was submitted for official approval.

Because no approved original exists, subsequent versions of the emblem have differed somewhat, although the basic features remained largely unchanged. Prior to the seventh annual unit reunion in October 1991, John Buffin had a commercial artist develop a finished version of the emblem, and that version is reproduced with this history. It will henceforth be the “official” unofficial unit emblem.

William H. Greenhalgh

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