9th PRS:Piggy Back Fraternity
Attention all 9th PRS members! We want to here about your Piggy Back experiences. We would like to know where you received it and who the pilot was that day. We will be posting your stories on this page. Please contact Jim at webmaster@9thprs.org with your stories.

Piggy Back Fraternity

Ground Crew and other base personnel who were lucky enough to receive a ride in one of the 9th PRS's F-4's or F-5's would become "Short Porker Members of the Piggy Back Fraternity" and would receive a certificate stating where they received their ride and signed by the pilot.

The above certificate was given to S/Sgt James A Corbitt in Piardoba, India on the 16th of July 1945 and his pilot that day was Captain William Weaver.

Max Mulvany received his Piggyback Certificate on June 8th 1945 from Capt. William Weaver.

Shany Lorenzet also became a "Short Porter Member" in Piardoba, India on Aug. 17th 1945. Lt Ralph L. Wall was Shany's pilot that day.

Dean Quigley became a "Short Porter Member" at Myitkyina North Airfield, in Myitkyina Burma. Royal Stults signed his Short Snorter on April 7 1945.
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