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Below is a list of links that we at 9thPRS Online thought our readers would be interested in. Most of them are Photo Reconnaissance, CBI and P-38 related. However, we also included other WWII related sites.

9th PRS members is the news!.

Bob Abrams
This is an article describing Bob's 54 year wait for his WWII Medals.

Bob Abrams
This is a photo of Bob at the WWII Memorial during the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII. August 2005.

Mike Aguirre
This is a article about Latinos in WWII from the University of Texas at Austin and focuses of Mike.

Emil Barnes
This is a link to Emil's obituary.

James Corbitt
This website covers James A from enlistment to discharge, during WWII.

Ward Duncan
This is a article about Ward Duncan and "Duncans Hot Rod" F-4 41-2205.

Florian "Stacy" Hall
Located at the Washington Park Mall. Stacy's name is on their Wall of Honor.

C. Lee Preece
Brigham Young University honors their students who gave their life for their country.

William Weaver
Bill's obit as listed in "The Daily Star". Bill is listed about 3/4's of the way down the page.

Photo Reconnaissance Sites!

30th PRS Online!
Sister squadron to the 34th PRS, the 30th PRS was the first of the photo recon Lightning units to land at Chalgrove and pave the way for the rest of the 10th PRG's photo Lightning units in England. The 30th PRS Online offers a wealth of official USAAF records and first-hand accounts of life keeping 'em in the blue.

33rd PRS Online!
Sister squadron to the 34th PRS, the 33rd PRS also had it's beginnings at Morris Field, North Carolina, trained at Will Rogers Field and went to Chalgrove as a fellow 10th Photo Group Squadron. This site offers incredible in-depth information on life in the Army Air Forces and the job performed by the photo recon squadrons.

34th PRS Online!
The 34th PRS was a sister squadron of the 30th PRS and 33rd PRS. Both units trained at Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma and saw their first overseas action in the spring of 1944 at Chalgrove, England as members of the 10th Photo Group. The folks at the 34th PRS Online have put together some excellent material on the P-38/F-5 and on photo recon techniques.

CBI Sites!

CBI History
Gary's great site covers the Order of Battle, lineage, and insignia information of the units in the 10th, 14th and 20th Air Forces during WWII.

Imphal, The Hump and Beyond
U.S.A.A.F. Combat Cargo Groups of the Second World War.

Flying Tigers
The official home page of the "Flying Tigers"

Merrill's Marauders
During World War II an All Volunteer group of young men came together in the jungles of Burma. From different life styles and every part of the country they came to fight the enemy, each for their own reasons. During their campaigns they were apparently forgotten,frequently lost,occasionally mutinous, and almost always "Magnificent".

CBI Theater
Remembering the Forgotten Theater of World War II.

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