9th PRS:Commanders


Col. Jerald W. McCoy,

Maj. Dale L. Swartz and

Capt. John E. Buffin

Maj. Henry J. Miller, Jr.

Date    Commander
20 Jan- 28 Feb 1942
28 Feb-10 Mar 1942
10 Mar-12 Apr 1942
12 Apr-16 Apr 1942
16 Apr-18 May 1942
18 May-1 Aug 1942
1 Aug 1942-4 Jan 1943
4 Jan-7 Dec 1943
7 Dec 1943-17 Jun 1944
17 Jun-27 Jun 1944
27 Jun 1944-25 Jan 1945
25 Jan-21 Mar 1945
21 Mar-31 Mar 1945
31 Mar- 14 May 1945
15 May-25 Aug 1945
25 Aug-4 Dec 1945
   2nd Lt. Vincent P Keenan (Acting).
Capt. Edwin Kessler, 0-219819 (Acting).
Capt. Dale L. Swartz, O-291514
Capt. Edwin Kessler, O-219819
Capt. Dale L Swartz, O-281514
Capt. Edwin Kessler, O-219819 (Acting).
Col. Jerald W. McCoy, O-17711
Maj. Dale L. Swartz, O-281514
Maj. Henry E. Miller, Jr., O-428578
Capt. John E. Buffin, O-376894
Maj. Paul (NMI) Turner, JR., O-386371
Maj. MacArthur Gorton, Jr., O-433672
Capt. Walter R. Thompson, O-749116
Maj. MacArthur Gorton, Jr., O-433672
Maj. Paul H. Ponder, Jr., O-425842
Capt. Joseph P. Lezon, Jr., O-797682
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