9th PRS: Aircraft Serial #'s

Aircraft serial Numbers

Listed below are known serial numbers of the aircraft assigned to the 9th Photo Reconnaissance Squadron. An effort to list all aircraft assigned to the squadron has been only partially successful.Operation reports and other documents have been exploited and photographs have been searched for serial numbers, but only a few have been identified. We would like to thank Terence Geary for his additional information on the squadrons aircraft. Please contact the webmaster at webmaster@9thprs.org if you have any additional information or any corrections. Thank you

a/c name: type: s/n: nose number: notes:
F-4-1-LO 41-2127 27 Condemmed 16-Nov-43
Dianne F-4-1-LO 41-2129 29 Crashed 17-July-43, MACR 203
F-4-1-LO 41-2138 Condemmed 06-Aug-42
F-4-1-LO 41-2141 Condemmed 04-Dec-42
Foto Jo F-4-1-LO 41-2145 MIA 29-Sept-44
Joyce F-4-1-LO 41-2160 Salvaged 09-July-45
F-4-1-LO 41-2163 63 Condemned Nov 5, 1942
Peggy F-4-1-LO 41-2169 Lost 18-Jan-44, MACR 12410
Ann F-4-1-LO 41-2173 A73 Condemmed 30-June-43
Blondie F-4-1-LO 41-2175 75 Condemmed afsmc 13-March-43, Condemmed 07-08-43
F-4-1-LO 41-2178 78 condemned Jun 15, 1943
Miss Ann F-4-1-LO 41-2187 B87 Salvaged 12-Nov-44
Janet F-4-1-LO 41-2204 C04 Condemmed afsmc 04-Dec-43
Ida F-4-1-LO 41-2205 C05 Salvaged 16-March-45
F-5A-10-LO 42-13267 Condemmed 30-Oct-44
Lillian F-5A-10-LO 42-13272
F-5A-10-LO 42-13276 Condemmed crash 17-May-45
F-5A-10-LO 42-13278 Condemmed afsmc 05-Oct-43
F-5A-10-LO 42-13295 Lost 10-Sept-1943, MACR 649
F-5A-10-LO 42-13299 Lost 13-Sept-43, MACR 646
Sniffles F-5A-10-LO 42-13301 Condemmed salvage 13-May-45. Aircraft was also known as Stinky II
The Dutchess F-5A-10-LO 42-13324 B24 Excessive inventory list 30-Nov-45
F-5B-1-LO 42-67358 Condemmed salvage 21-April-45
Miss Virginia E F-5B-1-LO 42-67375 Condemmed 14-May-44
F-5B-1-LO 42-67376 Crashed Myitkyina, Burma. Condemmed 26-May-44
F-5B-1-LO 42-67394 Condemmed salvage 08-July-44
Lil Buff F-5B-1-LO 42-68218 Pilot: Capt. John Buffin
Li'l Rascal F-5B-1-LO 42-68281 Crashed Myitkyina, Burma. 22-March-45
Heddy F-5B-1-LO 42-68291 Pilot: 1st Lt. John Caywood. Condemmed 24-March-45
F-5B-1-LO 42-68298 To Chinese AF
F-5E-2-LO 43-28288 Crashed 11-May-45. Condemmed salvage 15-May-45
F-5E-2-LO 43-28289 Crashed Myitkyina, Burma. Condemmed salvage 22-Sept-44
Beverly F-5E-2-LO 43-28580 Pilot: 2nd Lt. William Findley. Lost 14-Feb-45, MACR 12349, Condemmed burned. Pilot survived
F-5E-2-LO 43-28593 Lost 27-Nov-44, MACR 10047
Fly N Hell F-5E-2-LO 43-28594 Condemmed obsolete 24-Sept-45
F-5E-2-LO 43-28600 Pilot: Lt. John Whitley. Condemmed salvage 11-Dec-45
F-5E-2-LO 43-28602 Crashed Myitkyina, Burma. Condemmed salvage 09-Dec-44
F-5E-2-LO 43-28965 Pilot: 1st Lt. Robert Anderson. Crashed Tingkhawk Saken. Condemmed 30-Sept-44
F-5E-2-LO 43-28973 Two place conversion. Condemmed 02-Dec-44
F-5E-2-LO 43-28977 Crashed 21-July-45, Condemmed salvage 25-July-45
F-5E-2-LO 43-28980 Condemmed personnel failure 18-Nov-44
Ruth F-5E-2-LO 44-23271 Condemmed Salvage 12-Dec-45
Happy Harlot F-5E-4-LO 44-24477 Pilot: Capt. William Weaver
F-5E-4-LO 44-24908 Condemmed salvage 11-Dec-45
F-5E-4-LO 44-24915
F-5E-4-LO 44-24919 Condemmed salvage 11-Dec-45

The following nicknames cannot be tied to a specific serial number.

Daisy Mae
Lil Abner
Miss Pat
My Indiana Baby
Sis Vera
The Gay Divorcee

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