9th PRS:Acknowledgements


All of us at 9thPRS online would like to thank all of the following people for their generous donations, whether it be photos, information or technical help with the construction of the site. Without their generosity none of this would be possible.

William H. Greenhalgh
Without his hard work and dedication in writing the 9th PRSís history, we would all be looking at blank pages

Richard Faulkner
For his countless hours on the phone with the Webmaster, helping him to learn and to understand HTMLís, Which he is still learning.

Richard Moore
For donating a copy of his list of names and helping to obtain photos of the squadron through Vivian Greenhalgh.

And to the following members, for the use of their photos and additional information.

Mike Aguirre
Richard Bergmann
William Bluntzer
John Buffin
Warren Connor
James A. Corbitt
James Daugherty
Philip Eichen
Lisa Findley. Daughter of William Findley
Terence Geary
Vivian Greenhalgh. Wife of William Greenhalgh
Mary Etta Kauffman. Sister of Bill Weaver.
Alexander Kopp
Martin Kyburz. For donating the Robert Caywood photos.
Robert Lee
Henry "Hank" Lennox
Bruno "Shany" Lorenzet
Dusty Mason
Joy Mulvany. Wife of Max Mulvany
Joe Mulvany. Son of Max Mulvany
Kim Saporito-Sumney. Daughter of Ken Sumney
Russell Smith
Robert Stanley
R.P. Tretheway
William Tucker
Carrol Woods

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